• Prom Planning Season

    August 1, and we’re back at school. That means in just a few short months homecoming football games will be played and Thanksgiving will be here. Traditionally this is also the time of year that school administrators begin booking prom venues and developing themes for the annual end-of-school-year celebrations. Prom season usually begins in March and ends in early May, allowing less than a dozen weekends to schedule this important event. Though commonly held on Saturday evenings, some schools have moved to Friday nights to secure the desired prom weekend.

    Whatever day or date is chosen, having a fun and engaging theme helps to create memories of a lifetime. Here at the Clarence Brown Conference Center we’ve hosted many proms with designed to fit all budgets. Whether you are planning a night at the circus or a thriller in Gotham City, Clarence Brown Conference Center is an ideal prom venue north of Atlanta, offering exclusive access and a convenient location.

    Be sure to see Buzzfeed’s take on a recent Clarence Brown Conference Center prom straight from the pages of a J.K. Rowling novel. Call today to begin planning your high school prom, 770-606-5763.

  • Are You Getting Left Behind?

    Think you’ve hosted a successful meeting? One clear indicator that you have is when your guests are so engrossed and energized that they run from the meeting venue to put their ideas into action, while sometimes leaving important things behind. What gets left behind after meetings? Mittens, retainers, sunglasses, and a pumpkin are just a few of the treasures currently residing in the Lost-and-Found at the Clarence Brown Conference Center.

    Why is this important? Well, like most things in business it is ultimately a reflection on reputation. Suppose a guest leaves something behind at your meeting. Your staff doesn’t find it. If the item is never returned, then your event will have a negative note with at least that one guest. But the guest has friends, and whether socially online or face-to-face, the story of the lost item will be told more than once, diminishing the meeting results each time.

    Having a venue that you can trust before, during, and more importantly after your event, is key to hosting successful meetings. That level of confidence is the reason why our Lost-and-Found includes a scarf, cellphone, seven different single earrings, a broadband stick, a USB adapter, earphones, a sweater, a VGA adapter, lip balm, an Epi Pen, not to mention the mittens, retainers, sunglasses, and yes, pumpkin.

    Keep this is mind when planning your next meeting. Call our professional and trustworthy event planners at 770-606-5763. Rest assured we will take care of all the details before, during and after your event!

  • Is Your Event Hurricane Proof?

    As Hurricane Matthew spirals up the east coast, news stories turn to those moving inland for safety and to others who have had to change their wedding or event plans for the weekend. Natural disasters often spawn good and bad behaviors from individuals and businesses. News reports of event venues stepping in to save the day for the bride and groom can be overshadowed by lost deposits and greedy price gougers taking advantage of the situation. But do we get the whole story in the two-minute video or 500 words presented?

    In defense of all east coast event venues, a hurricane is an act of nature that cannot be avoided. Each venue has policies that must be met and costs that must be covered. However, when disaster strikes and the client shoulders the consequences, it makes one wonder if the event planner did his/her homework before choosing the venue. It’s made us at the Clarence Brown Conference Center evaluate how we might be rated if natural disaster interrupted our clients’ events.

    Whether you are planning a destination wedding or planning your office holiday party, do your homework and choose your venue wisely. Meet with the venue’s event planning team well in advance of making a deposit. Ultimately as a client it is your responsibility to ask the “What If…” questions, but it’s the venue staff’s responsibility to guide you through their policies and procedures – including their Force Majeure clause. If the venue does not have a clause that addresses their responsibility should uncontrollable circumstances force your event to be cancelled, you might want to rethink the venue.

    Consider who the ultimate decision makers are when it comes to policy enforcement. Is your venue operated by offsite corporate management, a public authority or board of directors, or an independent business owner? The Clarence Brown Conference Center, is operated by the Cartersville-Bartow County Convention & Visitors Bureau through an intergovernmental agreement between Bartow County and City of Cartersville. Yes, we have policies concerning deposits, event payments and refunds; however, we also have compassionate leadership that seeks good will by putting community first. And, that community extends well beyond our neighbors in Georgia. Rest assured that if a natural disaster strikes, the Clarence Brown Conference Center team will work diligently to find solutions at other venues, or to reschedule your event at the earliest possible date. With the drive to exceed all expectations, we understand that business is business, but good character is priceless.

  • Meeting Extras

    Most meeting planners would agree that finding the best resources for all those little extras needed to take your conference or sales meeting over-the-top can really chip away at your valuable time. The events team at the Clarence Brown Conference Center can assist with those needs whether you’re seeking a Wild West Gunslinger, a photo booth at the right price, or an action photographer to capture that historic occasion for your company.

    Here are a few thoughts on photography:

    • What should your photos say about your company? Decide in advance whether you want candid images that capture the bright side of your workforce, or if formal photographs are needed to document your event.
    • Give the photographer a clear picture of your event. Share how many people will be in attendance, give them an agenda of when photography is off-limits, and discuss lighting for different room settings
    • Create and share hashtags for your attendees to use when posting their own event photos. Give a selfie-stick to every 10 th registrant to get a unique perspective from your team’s point-of-view.

    Need help with your next event? Put us to work at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. We’re eager to get started on your successful event today!

  • Spicy Autumn Meetings in Cartersville

    The events planning team at the Clarence Brown Conference Center has been inspired by the crisp mornings and hint of fall color around the center’s 20-acre campus in Cartersville. It’s a stunning season filled with warmth and great flavors, so we’re adding a little spice to our beverage breaks. Corporate clients can now create custom beverage bars with warm apple cider, hot tea and honey, and decadent hot chocolate. And the savory flavors continue with all-new autumn menus from our select list of the region’s top caterers.

    Don’t worry about eating well and falling asleep. Remember, the Clarence Brown Conference Center is LEED® Gold certified, built to bring in plenty of natural light. Pair this with warm and inviting décor and engaging HD technology for vibrant and successful meetings in all seasons. Give us a call today to plan your next corporate event.

  • Exceeding Meeting Trends

    Wow! It’s been a busy year at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. In taking time to recycle some magazines, we came across Agatha Gilmore’s article “The Top Four Meeting Trends in 2014” in the January 26, 2014 edition of Successful Meetings . The trends were simple and always applicable so we decided to share them.

    1. Meetings are experiences . While our chairs are comfortable and the technology is effortless, memorable moments of discovery often happen outside the conference center. Imagine learning to wake board at Terminus Wake Park, or spending a day on target at SpringBank Sporting Club. These are just two of many excursions that the Georgia Regional Visitor Information Center staff can plan for your attendees from their office inside the Clarence Brown Conference Center.
    2. Attendees want a sense of place . “Let’s meet in Cartersville” might surprise your colleagues, yet we promise their curiosity will soon turn to enlightenment as our small town welcomes them to two Smithsonian Affiliate museums, a pre-historic Mississippian cultural site, and a vibrant downtown filled with music, great food and art galleries. Everyone will enjoy the easy drive just north of Atlanta and parking is free across the city.
    3. It’s a seller’s market . Gilmore encourages meeting planners to get those contracts in as conference centers and hotels are seeing higher occupancy. But here at the Clarence Brown Conference Center, the client still comes first. Our professional event planners will work to exceed your expectations. Best of all, there are no “price pressures” here afforded by our north metro location.
    4. Mobile technology is here to stay . For planners who wish to build an engaging app for their conference, the Cartersville-Bartow County Convention & Visitors Bureau marketing team has all the digital resources necessary to entice new attendees and direct registrants throughout their conference visit.

    Be a trendsetter. Call us today to plan your next meeting.

  • Kick Off Your 4th Quarter

    Kick off your fourth quarter with a meeting at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. Take a time out to review the year’s successes. Host a pep rally for your employees and give them the inspiration to go for goal. Don’t miss a minute to provide all the coaching and training they will need to continue dominating the field in 2015. The team at the Clarence Brown Conference Center will serve as your booster club all the way to the end zone. Bring us 50 of your best players. We’ll serve up delicious morning and afternoon snacks, and give you the full play-by-play on audiovisual support and set-up, all in an energized classroom to get your game plan in action. Fourth quarter meetings begin at just $17 per player. Score a huge touchdown today at the Clarence Brown Conference Center.

  • Spice Up Your Business with An Autumn Retreat

    There’s no better way to enter the 4th Quarter than by spicing up your business at an autumn retreat in the North Georgia Mountains! The Clarence Brown Conference Center is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, yet close enough to metro Atlanta to be quick and convenient for your employees and clients. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

    1) Whether your business is vibrant or glam, adding a little color and sparkle to your marketing materials, welcome desk, and tablescapes will bring about an atmosphere of creativity in your guests.

    2) Embrace fall flavors during all your meal functions. Fresh apples, pumpkin spice cake, and local Georgia wines will make this seem more like an autumn escape than just another business meeting.

    3) Allow time to get out and enjoy nature. Guided hikes or nature programs can be planned by the Convention & Visitors Bureau staff to get your group some fantastic mountaintop views of the Etowah River Valley Historic District below. Cartersville, Georgia is rich with hiking trails and history, not to mention some fabulous museums worth discovering. We’ll show you how and it won’t break your budget.

    4) Don’t wait until the holidays to give your employees a gift of appreciation. Package up some fresh apple pies, cider, or jam as a take home treat.

    5) Put two expert planning teams to work for you! At the Clarence Brown Conference Center, professional event planners take care of all the on-site details, while the local Convention & Visitors Bureau serves as your personal concierge. Whatever might be needed – Mountain Music, Torchlight Tours, or Wild Game Hunts, we’ve got you covered in Cartersville. Turn a new leaf – call us today!

  • Meet Elite – We’ve Been Named One of the 50 Best Centers in the South!

    We’ve got great news! The Clarence Brown Conference Center has been selected by the editors of ConventionSouth magazine as one of the Elite 50 Conference Centers in the South for 2014 . Centers selected for this honor were noted as being the “coolest” and “most meetings friendly” conference facilities in the South.

    “In today’s business marketplace, meeting planners are especially looking for the business-focused environments and top-of-the-line event services that conference centers offer,” said Associate Publisher and Editor Marlane Bundock. As part of the Elite 50, the Clarence Brown Conference Center “offers meeting planners and their attendees a unique set of features such as technology and aesthetics, and they are able to host a diverse range of gatherings from cutting-edge business meetings to well-orchestrated social events.” Bundock also shared that “hundreds of facilities from across 16 states in the South and the Caribbean were reviewed for their eligibility, but “we strived to find centers that were a cut above the rest.”

    The Clarence Brown Conference Center staff, under the direction of the Cartersville-Bartow County Convention & Visitors Bureau, is truly honored by this designation. “Recognition as part of the South’s 50 Elite is a great honor that is attributed to the right mix of flexible meeting and event space with the most advanced technology available,” beamed CVB Executive Director Ellen Archer. “But it is our professional and attentive staff that has served 70,000 happy clients throughout the past year. Hopefully, this will ensure that the Clarence Brown Conference Center will be a fixture in ConventionSouth’s Elite 50 Conference Centers for years to come.”

  • Hot Wedding Trends 2014 – Cakes!

    Make your wedding cake a beautiful reflection of you! Cakes should look lush and decadent and totally edible. Ombre cakes are very popular this year with the colorful blend appearing on the inside as well as in the icing. A sprinkle of edible glitter will make your winter wedding confections sparkle. Brides have returned to traditional and classic round tiers of varying heights. Dreamy romantic creations are achieved by adding the look of pleats, ruffles and sugar flowers. Be sure to keep your flavors seasonal – a bright lemon cake for a tart summer wedding, or a rich chocolate with mocha for a winter celebration. Be sure to ask the Clarence Brown Conference Center’s professional event planning team for suggestions on where to find the most delicious wedding cakes north of Atlanta!