• Prom Planning Season

    August 1, and we’re back at school. That means in just a few short months homecoming football games will be played and Thanksgiving will be here. Traditionally this is also the time of year that school administrators begin booking prom venues and developing themes for the annual end-of-school-year celebrations. Prom season usually begins in March and ends in early May, allowing less than a dozen weekends to schedule this important event. Though commonly held on Saturday evenings, some schools have moved to Friday nights to secure the desired prom weekend.

    Whatever day or date is chosen, having a fun and engaging theme helps to create memories of a lifetime. Here at the Clarence Brown Conference Center we’ve hosted many proms with designed to fit all budgets. Whether you are planning a night at the circus or a thriller in Gotham City, Clarence Brown Conference Center is an ideal prom venue north of Atlanta, offering exclusive access and a convenient location.

    Be sure to see Buzzfeed’s take on a recent Clarence Brown Conference Center prom straight from the pages of a J.K. Rowling novel. Call today to begin planning your high school prom, 770-606-5763.

  • Are You Getting Left Behind?

    Think you’ve hosted a successful meeting? One clear indicator that you have is when your guests are so engrossed and energized that they run from the meeting venue to put their ideas into action, while sometimes leaving important things behind. What gets left behind after meetings? Mittens, retainers, sunglasses, and a pumpkin are just a few of the treasures currently residing in the Lost-and-Found at the Clarence Brown Conference Center.

    Why is this important? Well, like most things in business it is ultimately a reflection on reputation. Suppose a guest leaves something behind at your meeting. Your staff doesn’t find it. If the item is never returned, then your event will have a negative note with at least that one guest. But the guest has friends, and whether socially online or face-to-face, the story of the lost item will be told more than once, diminishing the meeting results each time.

    Having a venue that you can trust before, during, and more importantly after your event, is key to hosting successful meetings. That level of confidence is the reason why our Lost-and-Found includes a scarf, cellphone, seven different single earrings, a broadband stick, a USB adapter, earphones, a sweater, a VGA adapter, lip balm, an Epi Pen, not to mention the mittens, retainers, sunglasses, and yes, pumpkin.

    Keep this is mind when planning your next meeting. Call our professional and trustworthy event planners at 770-606-5763. Rest assured we will take care of all the details before, during and after your event!