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Prom Planning Season

August 1, and we're back at school. That means in just a few short months homecoming football games will be played and Thanksgiving will be here. Traditionally this is also the time of year that ...
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Are You Getting Left Behind?

Think you've hosted a successful meeting? One clear indicator that you have is when your guests are so engrossed and energized that they run from the meeting venue to put their ideas into action, ...
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Is Your Event Hurricane Proof?

As Hurricane Matthew spirals up the east coast, news stories turn to those moving inland for safety and to others who have had to change their wedding or event plans for the weekend. Natural disasters ...
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Meeting Extras

Most meeting planners would agree that finding the best resources for all those little extras needed to take your conference or sales meeting over-the-top can really chip away at your valuable time. ...
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Spicy Autumn Meetings in Cartersville

The events planning team at the Clarence Brown Conference Center has been inspired by the crisp mornings and hint of fall color around the center’s 20-acre campus in Cartersville. It’s a ...
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Exceeding Meeting Trends

Wow! It’s been a busy year at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. In taking time to recycle some magazines, we came across Agatha Gilmore’s article “The Top Four Meeting Trends in ...
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Kick Off Your 4th Quarter

Kick off your fourth quarter with a meeting at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. Take a time out to review the year's successes. Host a pep rally for your employees and give them the ...
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Spice Up Your Business with An Autumn Retreat

There's no better way to enter the 4th Quarter than by spicing up your business at an autumn retreat in the North Georgia Mountains! The Clarence Brown Conference Center is located in the ...
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Meet Elite - We've Been Named One of the 50 Best Centers in the South!

We've got great news! The Clarence Brown Conference Center has been selected by the editors of ConventionSouth magazine as one of the Elite 50 Conference Centers in the South for 2014. Centers ...
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Hot Wedding Trends 2014 - Cakes!

Make your wedding cake a beautiful reflection of you! Cakes should look lush and decadent and totally edible. Ombre cakes are very popular this year with the colorful blend appearing on the inside as ...
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Winter Wedding Planning Made Easy

No need to call in costly design consultants to get the winter wedding of your dreams. Let the professional event planners at the Clarence Brown Conference Center create a custom-designed sparkling ...
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Hot New Wedding Trends 2014 - Flowers

Looking for the hottest trends in weddings? Trendy brides are looking to the peony and sweet smelling garden rose to make a statement for 2014 weddings. These beauties are combined with crystal and ...
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Outdoor Event Space Gets New Look This Summer

Cass Courtyard at Clarence Brown Conference Center is getting a new look this summer. This intimate event space is being transformed with a new pergola and all-new landscaping. No expense will be ...
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Save Money with Value Dates

Congratulations to Del Ministerio El Mana for taking advantage of special value dates at the Clarence Brown Conference Center in Cartersville. The ministry cashed in on special savings for their ...
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Welcome to Our New Website and Blog!

Welcome to our new website and blog! Please check back soon for news and updates!
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