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Seeing Red?

Seeing red? The color red is never more prevalent than at Christmas, but this classic color is a choice of event planners in every season. Here's why. Red evokes energy, passion and action. It is warm and inviting and visually stimulating. Simply put, it is the color of lifeblood. A classic choice of brides across the globe, red depicts passion, purity and also wishes of luck in many cultures. The traditional color for Valentine's Day can be combined with pink and crimson to create romance and sensuality. Here in the United States, red is symbolic of our patriotism and the blood shed for life and freedom. No summer event would be complete without a splash of red, white and blue. Like a bull charging the cape, wise meeting planners incorporate red into their tablescapes to mobilize the audience in accordance with the corporate message delivered. Red also arouses the appetite. Using red with burlap and chocolate in autumn will heighten the senses to satisfaction. Regardless of the season, the Clarence Brown Conference Center offers a custom centerpiece and event décor service to its clients to easily use red, or your choice color, to efficiently accomplish your vision. Ask about this service at your next event consultation.

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